[wp-hackers] Lyceum integration

Mike Purvis mike at uwmike.com
Thu Aug 10 03:58:11 GMT 2006

It's fully possible to do multiple blogs on a standard WP
installation. You just put /wordpress/ in the root directory, and then
have each domain folder with its own index.php, config.php and
.htaccess, a symlink to the master wordpress directory, which has a
config.php containing "require($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] .

Each installation shares the WP files, but has its own db credentials,
including table prefix.

Unfortunately, of course, they also share a wp-content directory,
something I haven't been able to figure out how to get around. It's
great for sharing themes and plugins, but ideally they'd have their
own upload directories, which brings us to this,

> Moving away from fixed directory structures (the location
> of wp-content for example) have been met with either silence or just
> simply unpopular.

Which is absurd. It would take about two seconds to allow config.php
to override the default '/wp-content/uploads' directory with a
separate local and web location. (so you can put it outside the
symlinked wordpress folder)


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