[wp-hackers] Lyceum integration

Ryan Boren ryan at boren.nu
Wed Aug 9 18:43:05 GMT 2006

Scot Hacker wrote:
> Not having followed its development, I'm curious why Lyceum is basically 
> a WP fork. Why weren't these  capabilities simply  added to WordPress? 
> For those of us working in education, large organizations, and hosting 
> businesses, it would be a huge boon to be able to have just ONE WP 
> installation, without having to deploy forked projects  that might not 
> stay current  with WP trunk.

WPMU stays current with WP trunk.  The two are synced with each other 

> I'm sure there are good reasons for the forks. What are they?

They are better able to serve their purpose as forks.


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