[wp-hackers] Lyceum integration

Francis Reyes Francis.Reyes at colorado.edu
Wed Aug 9 18:21:13 GMT 2006

Agreed. I've gotten the feeling from developers in #wordpress that  
most WP users are end users uploading their blogs to a hosting site  
via ftp.  Moving away from fixed directory structures (the location  
of wp-content for example) have been met with either silence or just  
simply unpopular. Thanks for bringing this to light, now I know I'm  
not alone.

Btw, I've (successfully) transformed WP into a multiple blog format  
(I have multiple tables for each blog, but it can easily be  
configured for different databases).All the modifications can be  
implemented at the plugin level, with the exception of theme  
validating which unfortunately is still an existing trac (#2747).


On Aug 9, 2006, at 11:48 AM, Scot Hacker wrote:

> Not having followed its development, I'm curious why Lyceum is  
> basically a WP fork. Why weren't these  capabilities simply  added  
> to WordPress? For those of us working in education, large  
> organizations, and hosting businesses, it would be a huge boon to  
> be able to have just ONE WP installation, without having to deploy  
> forked projects  that might not stay current  with WP trunk.

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