[wp-hackers] XSL for feeds

Kaf Oseo kaf at szub.net
Sat Apr 8 04:30:25 GMT 2006

Rob wrote:
> What are/were the arguments against?

If done, it will have to be provided in such a way users can (easily)
get to and modify it, such as a theme template.

Beyond that, I don't know if I'm particularly for it. The argument on
raw RSS being too confusing for 'newbies' is not very strong; once it's
explained why syndication feeds are not designed for *browsing*, they
tend to get it. But I can't see how a simple xsl with a few informative
Codex or other links would be terrible.

However, I don't plan on handling the support forum queries for how to
customize the stylesheet. :)


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