[wp-hackers] XSL for feeds

Rob r at robm.me.uk
Sat Apr 8 04:40:45 GMT 2006

Kaf Oseo wrote:
> Rob wrote:
>> What are/were the arguments against?
> If done, it will have to be provided in such a way users can (easily)
> get to and modify it, such as a theme template.
> Beyond that, I don't know if I'm particularly for it. The argument on
> raw RSS being too confusing for 'newbies' is not very strong; once it's
> explained why syndication feeds are not designed for *browsing*, they
> tend to get it. But I can't see how a simple xsl with a few informative
> Codex or other links would be terrible.
> However, I don't plan on handling the support forum queries for how to
> customize the stylesheet. :)
> -Kaf
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Could it not be done on the basis of "if theme's feed.xsl doesn't exist, 
fall back to default"? Seems fairly reasonable. We could even have some 
PHP in the XSL that displays a linkto the "Customising your XSL" Codex 
page if the user is logged in, avoiding 99% of support forum queries.

Rob Miller
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