[wp-hackers] XSL for feeds

Rob r at robm.me.uk
Sat Apr 8 04:08:13 GMT 2006

I know this discussion has been done before, but it never felt like 
there was a clear consensus or a culmination of the discussion. So, what 
do we think about adding XSL stylesheets for the feeds, a la the BBC [1]?

As far as I can tell, the arguments for boil down to:

# Improves usability considerably, especially with "greener" users; is 
much better than their being presented with a screen full of raw XML.
# Has very little overhead - even the complex BBC example's XSL 
stylesheet is a mere 6KB, which is insignificant even to dial-up users. 
WordPress's would be even leaner.
# Is aesthetically pleasing, if you're concerned with such things

What are/were the arguments against? It'd be nice to get this settled 
once and for all.

[1]: http://newsrss.bbc.co.uk/rss/newsonline_uk_edition/front_page/rss.xml

Rob Miller
http://robm.me.uk/ | http://kantian.co.uk/

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