[wp-hackers] Nightly Build link?

Robert Poitras bob46802 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 28 18:12:00 GMT 2005

--- Matt Mullenweg <m at mullenweg.com> wrote:

> Robert Poitras wrote:
> > I can't seem to find it. I want to test and help out with the 1.6 release...
> > I looked in the first email I got for the mailing list and Im not sure where else I should
> look.
> http://wordpress.org/download/nightly/
> Let me highlight the second paragraph:
> "You can track changes on the web or through our SVN mailing list but 
> many people choose to run the nightly builds to help us identify bugs. 
> If you would like to be part of this process, please join the WP Testers 
> mailing list and the nightly build location will be sent to you."

Sorry, I didn't see that there was a difference between "testers" and "hackers" mailing list.

--- ifelse <wordswithstyle at gmail.com> wrote:

> If you wish to work with the latest release, it's best to check out
> the latest code from the SVN repository:
> http://wordpress.org/download/svn/

ok, great. Thanks

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