[wp-hackers] Nightly Build link?

V Kuj vkuj_realtor at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 28 18:19:35 GMT 2005

I don't know if you can help me or not but here goes....
My email in hotmail and yahoo (3 addresses) have been hacked.  I cannot 
access them as the address or password have been changed.  Do you know if 
there is anyway to get into them again and is it possible to find out who 
did this?  ie.  IP address or something
Thanks for any help or could you direct me to someone who would know what to 

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Nightly Build link?</i><br>Date:  <i>Wed, 28 Sep 2005 11:12:00 -0700 
(PDT)</i><br>&gt;--- Matt Mullenweg &lt;m at mullenweg.com&gt; 
wrote:<br>&gt;<br>&gt; &gt; Robert Poitras wrote:<br>&gt; &gt; &gt; I can't 
seem to find it. I want to test and help out with the 1.6 release...<br>&gt; 
&gt; &gt; I looked in the first email I got for the mailing list and Im not 
sure where else I should<br>&gt; &gt; look.<br>&gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; 
http://wordpress.org/download/nightly/<br>&gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; Let me 
highlight the second paragraph:<br>&gt; &gt;<br>&gt; &gt; &quot;You can 
track changes on the web or through our SVN mailing list but<br>&gt; &gt; 
many people choose to run the nightly builds to help us identify 
bugs.<br>&gt; &gt; If you would like to be part of this process, please join 
the WP Testers<br>&gt; &gt; mailing list and the nightly build location will 
be sent to you.&quot;<br>&gt; &gt;<br>&gt;<br>&gt;Sorry, I didn't see that 
there was a difference between &quot;testers&quot; and &quot;hackers&quot; 
mailing list.<br>&gt;dohhh!<br>&gt;<br>&gt;--- ifelse 
&lt;wordswithstyle at gmail.com&gt; wrote:<br>&gt;<br>&gt; &gt; If you wish to 
work with the latest release, it's best to check out<br>&gt; &gt; the latest 
code from the SVN repository:<br>&gt; &gt; 
http://wordpress.org/download/svn/<br>&gt;<br>&gt;ok, great. 
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