[wp-hackers] Re: XHTML Strict compliant replacement for target=_new

Martin Geisler mgeisler at mgeisler.net
Wed Oct 26 13:55:45 GMT 2005

"Amit Gupta" <wp at igeek.info> writes:

> |  Let the user decide, they have the power. Why clutter up your
> |  site with functionality the browser already provides?
> and the only reason I can think up behind this comment of yours is
> that you haven't been in touch with the non-techy users lately & for
> a long time by the looks of it. You just wouldn't believe how dumb a
> lot of people are when it comes to basic computer usage like opening
> links in new windows by keeping SHIFT(in IE & Opera) & CTRL(in
> FireFox) keys pressed.

Surely it cannot be the responsibility of WordPress to teach those
users how to use their browsers?

The fault lies with the browsers (and the users who could read the
fine manuals that comes with all browsers).

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