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Amit Gupta wp at igeek.info
Wed Oct 26 13:07:25 GMT 2005

Pete Prodoehl <pete.prodoehl at cygnusinteractive.com> wrote:
|  Amit Gupta wrote:
|  > Andy Skelton <skeltoac at gmail.com> wrote:
|  > |  Amit, I'll be satisfied when people stop trying to make their
|  > external
|  > |  links open new windows/tabs on my computer. The only good excuse 
|  > |  forcing open a new window, IMO, is to facilitate the use of an
|  > |  internal web app. IMO.
|  >
|  > well, I agree that its annoying sometimes when all links start 
|  > in a
|  > new tab, but then, IMHO, the links to other sites should open in a 
|  > window
|  I can't believe people are still having this discussion in 2005!
|  For the last 5+ years, the major graphical browsers, the ones used by
|  probably 99% of the web using population uses, has had the ability to
|  open a link in a new window by use of a modifier key pressed when
|  clicking a link, or by use of a contextual-menu, or by setting some
|  preference in a browser.
|  Let the user decide, they have the power. Why clutter up your site 
|  functionality the browser already provides?

and the only reason I can think up behind this comment of yours is that 
you haven't been in touch with the non-techy users lately & for a long 
time by the looks of it. You just wouldn't believe how dumb a lot of 
people are when it comes to basic computer usage like opening links in 
new windows by keeping SHIFT(in IE & Opera) & CTRL(in FireFox) keys 
pressed. Forget that, they don't even know or realise that they can 
right-click the link & select the "Open Link in New Window". That may 
sound as if we are still in stone age & people are on old 133Mhz 
machines!! Strange but its true of several of the non-techy users!!

Amit Gupta
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