[wp-hackers] The next release.

Mike Little mike at zed1.com
Sun Oct 23 09:00:02 GMT 2005

On 10/23/05, Douglas Daulton <apakuni at gmail.com> wrote:
> Yes, it opens a huge can of worms, but it can let devs know if they are
> heading down a potentially problematic path.  It does not mean devs need to
> accommodate every concern.  But, if 90% of the community raises an alarm, it
> might be worth listening to.

It appears that the devs aren't interested in what the element of the
community that complains have to say. They will always argue that the
silent majority must be happy otherwise they'd be complaining.
They will argue that all the WordPress.com users (and there are
probably 1000's now) are happy.

I was going to mention that you can turn it off, but that option no
longer puts the old interface back.
I also notice that while the whole interface is a nightmare to use
with just the keyboard, the new image thingy is completelyb useless
without a mouse.

Maybe there will be a fork of the code which replaces the old
interface. With any luck it may even be doable as a plugin.

Mike Little

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