[wp-hackers] The next release.

Douglas Daulton apakuni at gmail.com
Sun Oct 23 17:09:23 GMT 2005

I have a wordpress.com account.    And, I among of the folks who runs his
own server and can/will download 1.6 myself for testing purposes.  So, don't
take my comments to be those of a whiny end-user.

I raise this issue because I've been a user of OSS for a long time and have
seen lots of projects rise and then fall very hard because they ignore their
install base in favor of the personal whims of devs. I am not saying that is
happening to WP ... yet, but I am suggesting ways to make sure that it does
not happen.

I love WP.  I use it as the back bone of about 10 sites and should see it
grow into another 10 my mid-2006. So, take the advice or dismiss it out of
hand.  If WP stumbles and falls, the OSS dev environment will grow a bigger,
better replacement with a clean and simple migration UI to grab former WP
users.  This much I know from experience.


On 10/23/05 1:36 AM, "Donncha O Caoimh" <donncha at linux.ie> wrote:

> If you want to preview most features of WP 1.6 then grab yourself the
> Flock browser and sign up on http://wordpress.com/ !
> It's not quite WP 1.6 - there are more restrictions, neccessarily so,
> but it will certainly give you a feel for the Write screen.
> There's a very handy "Feedback" button which sends a message to the
> developers too!
> Donncha.
> Douglas Daulton wrote:
>> Has anyone considered putting up a live, public demo of the new release
>> after each RC milestone is reached?  Then, announce it for feedback from the
>> community.

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