[wp-hackers] Compose Screen

Matthew Thomas mpt at myrealbox.com
Sat Jun 25 02:53:47 GMT 2005

Owen Winkler wrote:
> Scott Merrill wrote:
>>>>> * The 'existing timestamp' note needs to go; the existing timestamp is
>>>>> the timestamp in the date/time form.
>>> What was the original reason for showing this?  Anyone know?
>> So you can see when the post was originally (set to be) published.
> I was unclear.  The form fields already show this information.  So was
> there a reason why it was deemed necessary to do it for this field when
> none of the other fields do it?  (There's no "Current Post Slug")  If
> there was a reason, then maybe we should consider that in the design. If
> not, then chuck it.

And "Existing timestamp" is *wrong* when the post/page hasn't been
published yet. I'd rather see something like this:

    Date and time:
    (*) the date and time of publication
    ( ) [________________]

And when editing something already published:

    Date and time:
    (*) 2005-06-25 14:23 (original publication)
    ( ) [________________]

If you got really clever, JavaScript could be used to show extra help
immediately under the text field, such as "This past date means the item
will appear in your archives.", or "The item will not appear on your
site until this future time.".

Meanwhile, if you're trying to put the important stuff above the fold,
why is "Excerpt" above "Post"? How are you supposed to be able to
excerpt something you haven't written yet? :-) (I still think it should
be "Summary" rather than "Excerpt", but even then it would make more
sense underneath.)

Matthew Thomas

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