[wp-hackers] Compose Screen

Jeff Minard jeff at jrm.cc
Fri Jun 24 15:50:10 GMT 2005

>>[Draft/Page/Post] | Save |
>>I'd do
>>[Draft/Published/Private] [Page/Post] | Save |
> How many folks are using private posts?  I don't entirely understand the
> value of private posts.
> Maybe if we could roll in "user levels" with private posts, we could
> keep "Draft / Page / Post", and introduce a new control to set the
> minimum level required to see the post / page.

I'd go with:

  [*Draft*/Post/Page/Private] | Save |

As others stated, Draft should be the default, and there is little to no 
difference between a Draft Post and Draft Page (with the exception of 
categories and parents.) However, for the purpose of keeping it around 
until you are sure where to put it, a general "draft" format should be 

The "private" setting definately has value that, AFAIK, very few people 
are aware of. Setting a post to "private" will allow the post to show up 
on the blog like it was published, but only for you (cookie detection). 
This is *real* nice for testing actual formatting and such.

However, you then run into the issue then, that Private Posts exists, 
but there is no similiar option of Private Pages.

So, if that option were added (Private Pages -- which would be nice) 
then I'd go back to:

  [Draft/Published/Private] [Page/Post] | Save |

Speaking of which, with a unified design like this, how will the concept 
of "pages vs. posts" be dealt with in regard to "categorized vs. 
parented"? Neither of the two mockups placed on the list in this thread 
have dealt with that.

Jeff Minard

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