[wp-hackers] Plugin Localization

David Chait davebytes at comcast.net
Fri Jun 24 00:19:46 GMT 2005

Sounds like the plugins/<plugin sub dir>/ approach would be the best for the 
long haul, as anything custom translated for a plugin should stay WITH the 

I've also gotten requests to put my multi-file plugins into single folders 
for easier management, which mirrors the same issue (clutter & 'packaging').

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> It came up in #wordpress this afternoon about the placement of the .mo 
> files for plugins. Currently they need to reside in the 
> wp-content/plugins/ folder which causes uglyness.
> One option is to allow the plugin authors to keep them in the plugin 
> folder. Its pretty much the same as current, but more flexible. In this 
> case, the .mo should be located in either wp-content/plugins/ or 
> wp-content/plugins/<plugin sub dir>/ As stated before, this can cause 
> ugliness unless in the main plugins folder unless the author makes a 
> sub-directory for the plugin files.

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