[wp-hackers] Plugin Localization

Ryan Duff ryan at ryanduff.net
Thu Jun 23 23:23:52 GMT 2005

It came up in #wordpress this afternoon about the placement of the .mo 
files for plugins. Currently they need to reside in the 
wp-content/plugins/ folder which causes uglyness.

One option is to allow the plugin authors to keep them in the plugin 
folder. Its pretty much the same as current, but more flexible. In this 
case, the .mo should be located in either wp-content/plugins/ or 
wp-content/plugins/<plugin sub dir>/ As stated before, this can cause 
ugliness unless in the main plugins folder unless the author makes a 
sub-directory for the plugin files.

The second option is to throw them all in wp-content/language/<locale>/ 
directory. This seems to make more sense in the current situation since 
the plugin_textdomain is usually set to the same prefix that the plugin 
uses to prefix functions. this would lead to a .mo file of <plugin 
prefix>-<domain>-<locale>.mo and you could easilly tell which file went 
with which plugin. The only downside is now we have files in 2 places 
and leads to the same issue we had with admin pages residing in 
/wp-admin/ and also extra files when removing the plugin.

Which makes more sense in the long run?

Ryan Duff
AIM: ryancduff
irc.freenode.net #wordpress

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