[wp-hackers] MU Progress

Scott Merrill skippy at skippy.net
Sun Jun 26 14:45:34 GMT 2005

Matt Mullenweg wrote:
> Multiple weblogs is such an ambiguous term now, especially with things 
> like Scott's vhosts plugin. I think between MU and WP we can support 
> most any use case people can think up.

Speaking of my vhost plugin, I took a first stab at filtering 
wp_list_pages() to return only the list of pages owned by the user 
assigned to the vhost.

I looked at filtering wp_list_cats() to do the same (that is, only 
return the children categories of the vhost category) but got a little 
overwhelmed.  If anyone wants to take a stab at that, I'll be your best 

Long-term, it's clear to me that vhost won't be a super robust multiple 
blog solution.  That's not to say that vhost is solely a novelty (I'm 
using it for one site, and enjoying it); but too much of WordPress lacks 
fine-grained controls.  For example, Link categories don't have 
"owners", nor do they support sub-categories.  So either the vhost user 
will be restricted to a single Link category, or Link categories are a 
free-for-all based solely on user level.

Same for categories: categories don't have owners, only parent and 
children categories.  As above, it'd be great to filter wp_list_cats() 
to display only the categories under the vhost cat; but I'll still need 
to filter Admin->Manage->Categories to ensure that the vhost user only 
sees their own categories for administration.

Finally, the permission system needs to be juggled.  vhost users ought 
to be able to use the Template Editor, so that they never need to deal 
directly with the filesystem, but the permission level necessary to do 
that is a little higher than is acceptable for a mass-hosting 
environment as might use vhost.

And don't get me started on plugins...  =)

Of course, if you're using vhost only to support easy (or easier) 
templating on sub-domains for yourself, all of the above is irrelevant.

I'd _like_ to get vhost to a point where it can power a (reasonably) 
functional WordPress blog for multiple users without those users 
stomping on each other's work.

Patches are welcome!  vhost is GPL licensed, so if any of it can benefit 
WPMU, feel free to use it.


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