WordPress Openness (was Re: [wp-hackers] UI development for 1.6)

Ryan Duff ryan at ryanduff.net
Thu Jun 23 19:56:48 GMT 2005

Christian Mohn wrote:
>>>I did an SVN update, got 1.6-alpha and now i'm not even allowed to 
>>>report a bug that makes all my new posts have a published date in 1970. 
>>You should use the TAGS not the TRUNK to get last stable versione, where
> you can choose all >1.5 flavors realeased till now.
> Fair enough, and I'm not saying that it's not my fault. I would, however,
> think that radical changes like the current ones should be done in it's own
> branch and tested there before adding it to the main trunk.
> Oh well, not that big a deal, just an annoyance.

AFAIK, from what I've read about svn, the branch should be 
copied to something like /branches/1.5.x/ so that any future bug fixes 
goes on in there. From what I understand, all major code changes go on 
in /trunk/ and before you start developing the next version, you copy 
your current /trunk/ (same time you make your last tag, or copy from the 
last tag if done later) to a folder within /branches/ The reasoning for 
that is so that if need-be, you can update the 1.5.x branch while 
developing 1.6 or whatever matt is versioning it as.

Just my .02

Ryan Duff
AIM: ryancduff
irc.freenode.net #wordpress

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