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David Chait davebytes at comcast.net
Wed Jun 22 19:00:13 GMT 2005

But that actually brings up a great question: does WP >have< to depend upon 
the mysql date type?  I see constant conversions back and forth between 
formats, and I'm not sure it actually buys that much (at the cost of losing 
portability).  I guess specific 'calendar' functions are easier with the 
datetime stuff (i.e., +1 month == how many seconds?  depends on the calendar 
source date! ;) ) -- but don't know how much that stuff is used, or how 
easily it could be replaced.  (Matt, any thoughts?)

I'm torn on this topic, as I have myself locked in a number of mysql-custom 
queries and such in my own plugin work -- but would love to see if there's a 
good way to support SQLite given it makes test environments easier, as well 
as potentially making some sites faster. ;)


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People have asked in the past, but due to the insanely large amount of
code relying on mysql specific time/date functions (and the
AUTO_INCREMENT column type that is not implemented in all SQLs) that
porting everything over and trying to support multiple systems would
just be too much of a hassle.

On 6/22/05, Raja Bhatia <raja at twentyouts.com> wrote:
> What's wrong with storing the date/time as unix epoch time? I think a
> better question is to inquire whether there are any plans of including
> database abstraction in WP.
> raja
> Robert Deaton wrote:
> >Not afaik, because the whole time/date system of WordPress relies on
> >mysql specific functions.
> >
> >On 6/22/05, Kai Hendry <hendry at iki.fi> wrote:
> >
> >
> >>Is there support or planned support for sqlite?
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