[wp-hackers] Let's whip WYSIWYG

Scott Merrill skippy at skippy.net
Thu Jun 16 11:08:23 GMT 2005

Matthew Mullenweg wrote:
> Podz wrote:
>> When my girls use Word, they literally do see what they will get. They 
>> can adjust margins, page size, orientation etc. So as part of also 
>> offering it, are we going to make textarea resizing part of the deal ? 
>> A a true 'print preview' ?
> It's more a visual formatting rather than full page layout. I don't 
> think people will complain about this because it is pretty much what 
> every system in the world does. Maybe later when our WYSIWYG is combined 
> with touched will have the real ultimate interface. ;)

WYSIWYG composition (for those that want it), plus something like Matt 
Read's "Preview Drafts Plugin":
Should go a very long way toward giving people a better idea of how 
things will look when they click the "Publish" button.

I imagine an enterprising person could extend the plugin above to also 
provide a preview of the post using the print css, too.

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