[wp-hackers] Automatic Saving?

Ryan Boswell adon at ambit-online.net
Sat Dec 31 22:12:25 GMT 2005

Good points, didn't think about the people who don't use cookies, and  
that's probably because they are few and far between. I also didn't  
even know about the cookie-use requirements, but that does limit it.

A possible way to solve the problem for both is that an option is  
created in the options panel to turn on or off this feature (off by  
default), but that would still alienate users that still refuse to  
use cookies and those behind corporate firewalls where they can't  
allow them if they wanted to, there just isn't an easy way to go  
about this.

All the same it was just a suggestion.


To Moderator: Sorry about the previous message from a different  
address, accidently sent from a different account.

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