[wp-hackers] Automatic Saving?

Amit Gupta wp at igeek.info
Sat Dec 31 23:26:46 GMT 2005

Ryan Boswell <adon at ambit-online.net> wrote:
|  But maybe were going about it the wrong way, why try to save to the
|  database? Why not implement something similar to what Blogger does,
|  they just stick a cookies in your browser with all the post
|  information, that way would be easier. Then all you'd have to do is
|  write a small bit to create the cookie, stick it in the browser every
|  so often (possibly a configurable time in the control panel) and then
|  if something does happen (browser crashes, etc..) when the user goes
|  back into the posting interface WordPress would auto-import the post
|  information from the cookies, then when the post is saved to the
|  database the cookies are deleted. Doesn't seem too terribly hard to
|  do it that way, much easier in fact than worrying about the first 

I've just one thing to say so far. If the motion is passed and a similar 
is taken, it would be better to make this feature optional, either by 
giving an
option to switch it on/off via control panel or via a variable in the 
since there are quite a number of people(like me) who don't always use
1-2 computers to post to their WP blogs, but infact use many different 
like when on a trip(without a notebook) etc or something. So having a 
saved in a cookie on an alien machine isn't that wise IMHO.

Amit Gupta
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