[wp-hackers] Wordpress counting site

David Chait davebytes at comcast.net
Fri Apr 29 18:56:50 GMT 2005

Andy - I just added a customized version to CHAITGEAR, so you should be 
seeing hits.  Looks like it's working.  When I upgrade to 1.5, I'll be able 
to use the raw plugin, but I had to add some hackery for my CG codebase. ;)

I'm just removing the display: line, to see if that makes a difference. 
Also, I'm urlencoding the botdURL -- lemme know how that comes through.

You should see a good 1000 or so a day coming from me.

Also, talking about scalability, you may want to go to a single-pixel image 
(the http headers become the bandwidth), and may want to try something 
faster than apache (lighttpd or one of those).

Glad to see someone starting a raw WP counter!


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> Matt noted:
>>BTW, out of the box with display: none it didn't seem to be working, the 
>>image wasn't loading.
> Really? Huh. I get stats with display:none. Maybe it's browser-dependent. 
> Maybe you were seeing the five minute delay before hits appear in the 
> database. Anyway, I'll take it out of the next version and meanwhile 
> encourage everyone to delete this line from their plugin:
> $botdImgTag.= 'style="display: ' . $display . ';" ';
> This will make the image visible on your page. If you really don't want it 
> there, change the height and width to zero (0). If you really like it a 
> lot, change it to 800x150. What the heck, right?

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