[wp-hackers] Wordpress counting site

Andy Skelton skeltoac at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 29 02:15:22 GMT 2005

Matt noted:
>BTW, out of the box with display: none it didn't seem to be working, the 
>image wasn't loading.

Really? Huh. I get stats with display:none. Maybe it's browser-dependent. 
Maybe you were seeing the five minute delay before hits appear in the 
database. Anyway, I'll take it out of the next version and meanwhile 
encourage everyone to delete this line from their plugin:
$botdImgTag.= 'style="display: ' . $display . ';" ';
This will make the image visible on your page. If you really don't want it 
there, change the height and width to zero (0). If you really like it a lot, 
change it to 800x150. What the heck, right?

Andy Skelton

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