[wp-hackers] Wordpress counting site

Owen Winkler ringmaster at midnightcircus.com
Fri Apr 29 19:17:12 GMT 2005

The plugin led to absolute b0rkage for me.  I use a second Loop to pull 
out a single category into my sidebar.  The post that the plugin detects 
for is_single() never is.

I think this is probably an issue only on my blog, and I should revise 
my sidebar a bit to compensate for it, but I thought I would mention it 
in case anyone else noticed this on their blog and didn't know what was 
going on.

Also, I'm not crazy about just stuffing the image into the footer.  I 
removed the add_action() call and just call the output function directly 
from the sidebar.  I don't know if others had switched to this method or 
not, but I suspect if it's done more often than not, you might consider 
packing the plugin that way to begin with.

Sorry.  I'm rambling after having gorged myself on a couple of cups of 
these delicious "dark side" M&Ms.  Mmmm...


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