[wp-hackers] JSP in WordPress?

Kyle VanderBeek kylev-wp at kylev.com
Wed Apr 27 18:39:18 GMT 2005

On Wed, Apr 27, 2005 at 11:29:07AM -0500, Pete Prodoehl wrote:
> I'm trying to integrate WordPress into a site that is written in JSP. We 
> want to have WordPress/PHP use the same include files as the JSP pages, 
> which will work fine for the static JSP files with plain HTML and no 
> code, but for the JSP files used as includes that actually have JSP code 
> that needs to be executed, is there a solution?
> I guess what we need is a way for PHP to include JSP pages, and execute 
> the JSP within them when doing the include. Possible?

If you're using Apache with mod_jk2 as a connector to your Servlet 
container (Tomcat?), you should look into the Apache specific virtual():


This should pass a subrequest through the Apache request chain, and I 
assume you're mapping to your JSP connector via file extension or 
something.  I suspect you'll run into trouble, but this is a good place 
to start.  Use virtual() in header.php and see what happens.

Or, it might be completely irrelevant because you didn't tell us 
anything about your setup.

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