[wp-hackers] IIS Problem

David Chait davebytes at comcast.net
Sat Apr 2 20:15:37 GMT 2005

I have been using the PHPMailer classes for a while, and they do a decent 
job.  I had to change my settings recently as my new box no longer supports 
SMTP sending from a script, but DID support the mail function.

The problem I've had of late is the number of different PHP configs.  No 
socket functions vs fsockopen vs fopen-url have plagued my xml parser code, 
and I'm sure similar things will happen with a mailer implementation.  Would 
be good if there was a staged/stepped fallback system, so if mail() is 
turned off try X, and if X is based on something not active try Y... etc. 
With PHPMailer, at least you can call one function on the mail object to 
tell it what method you want to use -- lord knows that autodetection isn't a 
simple process (sockets could 'work', but SMTP connection might fail to send 
due to restrictions...).


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> On Sun, 2005-04-03 at 00:50 +0530, Amit Gupta wrote:
>> This should be on the must have list for the next release, its not
>> that difficult to implement. A function to send mail can be created,
>> like wp_mail() which will accept headers, etc. which the mail()
>> function accepts & this new function will check if the mail() function
>> is available or if the user has set the option to use smtp in the
>> config file. It'll then send mail through the mail() function or
>> through smtp, accordingly.
>> using a PEAR class would be overkill I'd say!! besides not everyone
>> has PEAR, I haven't got it installed, I don't use it, but use some
>> PEAR classes by directly including them in my apps. Maybe Ryan can
>> answer this topic, if he's around & reading this, Matt is not around,
>> that we all know.
> There are a number of php mail classes that will perform SMTP auth and
> what not.  There's the PEAR stuff, phpmailer, etc.  We need to audition
> them and pick one that is light and license compatible with WP.  Then we
> need to add settings to the UI, add the options to the db, and so forth.
> This is not 1.5.1 material.  For 1.5.1, we can wrap wp_mail() with
> function_exists() so that it can be replaced.  Someone can then write a
> plugin.  The plugin could be proving ground for an eventual integrated
> solution.
> Ryan
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