[wp-hackers] IIS Problem

Scott Reilly scottr at gmail.com
Sun Apr 3 07:32:04 GMT 2005

wpPHPMailer is just about the first plugin I wrote for WP, back in
June 2004.  As the name suggests, it wraps the PHPMailer package. 
Until just recently (as part of my 7 days of plugins), I haven't made
any changes to it since Aug 2004 and haven't had any complaints since.
 As for the recent changes, I now store the options in the database
and I added an admin options page for the plugin (which it has sorely
needed and has been why I haven't piped up about it during recent SMTP
mail discussions).  But it's there now, so it may be worth taking a
look at as SMTP mailers are evaluated.

Also, the bare minimum PHPMailer files run ~80k (and are included in
the plugin's zipfile).  PHPMailer is GPL'd and used by a lot of PHP
projects (including Mantis).

> There are a number of php mail classes that will perform SMTP auth and
> what not.  There's the PEAR stuff, phpmailer, etc.  We need to audition
> them and pick one that is light and license compatible with WP.  Then we
> need to add settings to the UI, add the options to the db, and so forth.
> This is not 1.5.1 material.  For 1.5.1, we can wrap wp_mail() with
> function_exists() so that it can be replaced.  Someone can then write a
> plugin.  The plugin could be proving ground for an eventual integrated
> solution.

Since you mentioned it, WP doesn't currently support plugins
overriding core functions even if those core functions are wrapped in
function_exists(), correct?  I know the intent is for plugins to be
able to do that, but how?  Plugins aren't sourced until after all core
files have been sourced, which is too late.  Or am I missing

-Scott (coffee2code)

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