[wp-hackers] IIS Problem

Ryan Boren ryan at boren.nu
Sat Apr 2 20:06:47 GMT 2005

On Sun, 2005-04-03 at 00:50 +0530, Amit Gupta wrote:
> This should be on the must have list for the next release, its not
> that difficult to implement. A function to send mail can be created,
> like wp_mail() which will accept headers, etc. which the mail()
> function accepts & this new function will check if the mail() function
> is available or if the user has set the option to use smtp in the
> config file. It'll then send mail through the mail() function or
> through smtp, accordingly.
> using a PEAR class would be overkill I'd say!! besides not everyone
> has PEAR, I haven't got it installed, I don't use it, but use some
> PEAR classes by directly including them in my apps. Maybe Ryan can
> answer this topic, if he's around & reading this, Matt is not around,
> that we all know.

There are a number of php mail classes that will perform SMTP auth and
what not.  There's the PEAR stuff, phpmailer, etc.  We need to audition
them and pick one that is light and license compatible with WP.  Then we
need to add settings to the UI, add the options to the db, and so forth.
This is not 1.5.1 material.  For 1.5.1, we can wrap wp_mail() with
function_exists() so that it can be replaced.  Someone can then write a
plugin.  The plugin could be proving ground for an eventual integrated


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