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Neel Shah shah.neel at nyu.edu
Tue Sep 6 15:24:38 UTC 2016

Hi All,

We use Shibboleth Plugin (https://github.com/mitcho/shibboleth/) for our
wordpress service at New York University. There are not many options that
we could find out there and so use this plugin based on a number of
reasons. There is an alternative Miniorange SAML Plugin (
https://wordpress.org/plugins/miniorange-saml-20-single-sign-on/) which
works with Shibboleth Idp and is compartively easy to setup and is well
maintained. You need a Pro version for multisite, however their licensing
is a bit of an issue due to per site license policy.

I am in agreement that the plugin is less maintained, however it still
solves the purpose well for allowing Shibboleth authentication. It does
requires extra setup and config on server level initially and should be
good to go later. I have scanned through the pull requests and they are
good to have in the plugin and would recommend forking the repo and keep a
track of changes or new pull requests on the original github repo. That is
how we keep this plugin maintained for ourselves. We are working on few
customizations of ours as well and might send in pull requests for others
interested. One such use case is to restrict/disallow a certain set of
users from Shibboleth to access our wordpress service.

I am happy to discuss more if someone needs additional information related
to this.


Neel Shah
Information Technology Specialist
New York University
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