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Covello, Steve Steve.Covello at granite.edu
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I recommend that your colleague install WAMP<http://www.wampserver.com/en/> (Windows) or MAMP<http://www.mamp.info/en/index.html> (Mac), which are Windows/Mac + Apache + MySQL + PHP. The Mac version is pretty easy to install. The Windows version less so from what I have seen.

WAMP/MAMP produces the same hosted environment that WP websites run on except off of your laptop. This is the conventional sandbox setup for development, and it is not taxing on your computer. It does not run unless you launch it.

Once you configure the settings, just drop the entire original website directory into the designated site location parent directory. You will have to do some changes to the database to point everything locally instead of the original hosting location, but it does not require any major coding skills (mostly a wholesale search & replace).

It is not dirt simple to do, but once you have it setup and the routine figured out, you can run a WP website locally for demonstrations or archival purposes as though it were live. Your browser URL would simply go from http://schmo.college.edu (or whatever) to http://localhost/schmo

This method preserves the fundamental WP "guts" (avoiding HTML translation), and allows you to modify it for whatever needs you might have using the WP dashboard as usual.

Thx – Steve

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The unix tool wget has an archive option, which you can use for this sort of thing. It may not produce a perfect site but it will help get you there.


On Wed, Aug 28, 2013 at 12:03 PM, Benjamin Harwood <bharwood at skidmore.edu<mailto:bharwood at skidmore.edu>> wrote:

Has anyone ever created an offline copy of a WordPress site that can be viewed as a standalone html website? A colleague has some beautiful sites that she'd like to take down yet preserve for offline viewing independent of WordPress. Short of printing all the materials out, it doesn't seem possible. Years ago, I used the free version of WinHTTrack website copier to create static copies of MovableType blogs. That solution worked great then but not so on WordPress multisite. Even when the sites are made public. Couldn't find any plugins that do this successfully either.  Thanks for any suggestions.


Ben Harwood
Academic Technologies
Skidmore College

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