[wp-edu] Higher Ed institutions using Jetpack?

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Thanks for the info Andrew. 

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Is anyone out there using the Jetpack suite of plugins? 


It looks like it scratches a number of social media itches (with LaTeX thrown in as the cherry on top), but I'm curious about how it worked for folks. In particular, I'm wondering how the API key scaled up. It looks as though you need to create a key for each site separately (unlike Akismet) and while that will work fine for one off sites, I expect it becomes a challenge in multisite environments with dozens or hundreds of web sites. 

Jetpack currently requires you to connect each site individually. Copying options won't work; it has to do with the connection made with WP.com and data created on their side. You can use the same WP.com account, but I've found that there's no good way to script the connections of an entire network. I sent a note to one of the Jetpack guys to ensure they see this thread. 

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