[wp-edu] Do any institutions pay for additional support?

Kenneth DeBlois Kenneth_DeBlois at brown.edu
Fri Feb 18 17:12:37 UTC 2011

Hi Folks,

We've been using Automattic's VIP support to help us when we have support
issues with our WordPress MultiSite install.  We do love the support, but
I'm doubtful that I'll be able to justify the price in the future.

This coming year, Automattic is raising prices to 40 times what we are
paying now (for the same level of service).  There are options that are
cheaper, but response time will be delayed to 2 days.

I'm wondering if other folks have support either from Automattic or from
somewhere else.  We are interested mostly in some one providing assistance
evaluating pluggins, assisting with performance issues as they occur, and
helping us to debug quirks that we don't understand.

We offer WordPress to our campus as a 24/7 blog service.   It's important
that the service be quick when there are issues, but we don't have many

Any thoughts?  Do other folks use anyone they can recommend?  Or do other
folks not even bother?  We have great PHP programmers on staff; we'd feel
safer if we had a  WordPress expert available for the complex issues.  Or if
folks have some other plan (special message boards or something like that),
we'd love to know about it.


> Ken

Brown University WebServices

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