[wp-edu] Activity feed on dashboard?

Laura Fathauer lfathauer at ehe.osu.edu
Thu Feb 17 16:28:03 UTC 2011


We're looking for a way of doing something that should be relatively
simple; we have a network with More Privacy Options enabled, and viewing
restricted to mutual subscribers of blogs (creating mini-networks). We'd
like to be able to provide each user a cross-blog feed of posts and
possibly comments across all blogs they're subscribed to, preferably in
a location they're already familiar with-i.e. the dashboard or under 'my

I know that Buddypress will do this on the main blog on the actual page,
and there is a plug-in that will make buddypress acknowledge the More
Privacy Options settings, but we're not quite ready to implement that in

We also entertained establishing RSS feeds, but that would be a lot of
manual work on each blog.

Any thoughts?

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