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Douglas Hanna doug at automattic.com
Sun Nov 9 00:05:47 GMT 2008


When I say we, I mean both the community as a whole and Automattic.
Anyway we can help, we'll try our best.

I would have to research a UK-based business that has an SLA and
references in a commercial sense. There are plenty of UK-based web
hosting companies, many of which have SLAs and plenty of references.
Rackspace, a top web hosting company based in San Antonio, has a large
presence in the UK and is known for their support and SLAs.

With that in mind, another list member sent this nice list of UK
government agencies using WordPress:

http://www.number10.gov.uk/ (The Prime Minister's official website)
http://blogs.dfid.gov.uk/ (Department for International Development)
http://www.walesoffice.gov.uk/ (The Wales Office - official
representation for Wales in UK central government)
http://www.ournhs.nhs.uk/ (National Health Service reform)
http://governance.justice.gov.uk/ (Ministry of Justice)

I would think a list like that would be helpful.

Douglas Hanna
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