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Joss Winn jwinn at lincoln.ac.uk
Fri Nov 7 09:17:56 GMT 2008

Douglas Hanna wrote:
>> What can we do to help convince these schools that WordPress is a
>> viable solution, even though it is free and open source?

I'm not sure if, when you say 'we', you're referring to Automattic or to the
community as a whole.

It would be useful to me if there was a UK-based business that provides
commercial support, with an SLA and references to back them up. It's easier
to 'sell' a product when it's clear that other people are basing their
livelihoods on supporting it and have an established history of doing so.

If you know of any such businesses, please let me know!

The recent WordPress showcase site <http://wordpress.org/showcase/>, is a
very useful resource for demonstrating the versatility of the product.

Thanks for this.

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