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Wed Aug 5 20:38:37 UTC 2009

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VanFossen <lorellevan at gmail.com> writes
>This is great. I didn't mean for you to take my questions literally, as much
>as promote a discussion of the questions people will ask, but this is great.
>I'd like to tighten it up to Codex standards, though. Would that be okay?
>You can change whatever I do, but I'd like to continue to use this as an
>example of writing a powerful, tight document for the Codex. One that gets
>to the point and answers the needs of the user.
>Thanks again for doing this. It is so much better and really will help.
>Personally, I don't think the transition is a big deal, but I get this question
>all the time, so this is awesome.

I agree I think in many cases it's not a big deal, but there was talk of 
introducing a nag screen into 2.9 or 3.0 and there was a need of this 
codex page to point the inevitable questions to.

Please go ahead and make whichever changes you feel are required and 
then add it to the contents list.  Cheers.


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