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Lorelle VanFossen lorellevan at gmail.com
Wed Aug 5 21:55:40 UTC 2009

Thanks for letting me edit the Switching to PHP5 article. You did such a
great job, I merely did a little rearranging.

If they go ahead and create a nag screen, this would be the article to link
to. Good point.

For posterity, here are some of the things I did that others should take
into consideration when editing Codex articles in line with the guidelines.

1. Get to the point.
The revised version did a great job introducing the point of the article,
but it left out WordPress and their direct interest in the issue of
switching to PHP 5. I put it right into the first opening paragraph to get
the keywords and point of the article to the top, the first thing people

2. Shrunk the TOC.
Each section header becomes a table of contents bullet, and having too many
makes for clutter. Changed the "FAQ" to a single header section and made
them into a DL list, allowing the eye to see the TOC and move right to the
section with the answers they need. This also helped condense the content.

3. Moved history to the bottom.
Since the history of why make the move is the least important piece of
information the user wants when they get the news that they have to switch,
moving it to the bottom nicely summarized the article and gave more
reference information and support.

NOTE: It might be nice to include links to articles about the changes
between the two versions, especially if they would impact Themes and
Plugins. Another article on how the switch impacts and influences Themes and
Plugins might be nice in the developer section. Hint, hint. :D

4. Changed intent of "Switch List"
To address the concerns previously discussed about timeless articles and
encouraging others to tell their "web hosting stories," I changed the intent
of the switch list to showcase examples of how to make the switch.

5. General Codex Guidelines Compliance.
I just swept through cleaning up the passive voice, smilies, capitalization
issues, made the switch list examples have a consistent style, among a few
other little housekeeping items. The article was so well written, these were
minor tightenings of the belt. Any spelling errors will be mine. :D

I want to thank you again for doing this, and letting me mess around with
your beautiful writing.

Everyone, please take a good look see over this, as I'm sure I messed up
some stuff, and tomorrow, I have a note to put this on the TOC if there are
no more issues with it.

Well done!!!

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