[wp-docs] Default connection info now in templates

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Tue Aug 4 20:54:21 UTC 2009

In message 
<fded39850908041331v77d7e53dy55457d44dc4de61d at mail.gmail.com>, Lorelle 
VanFossen <lorellevan at gmail.com> writes
>Tis a work of art, our friend. Work of art!
>I thought we'd put a protect on that page. Hmmm. None found.
>I recommend we put an administrator block on the page, what do you all

My plan was to put a protect on the templates, thus leaving the bulk of 
the page available for updates.  I did try to do this with a couple of 
them, but I don't think the protected status stuck, as my test user 
could still edit them.

I briefly discussed the idea of protecting wp-config over talk with 
MichealH a while back, I think at the time a warning was added instead, 
as protecting could add admin overhead if the page needs changing.  Of 
course, this page is largely static so potentially protecting it is a 
good plan - if it works!


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