[wp-docs] New Page: WPMU's VHOST Constant

Lorelle VanFossen lorellevan at gmail.com
Tue Aug 4 19:56:40 UTC 2009

Well, it's good to see several people jumping on a new document at once. :D

I've deleted the article - whoa! Don't be worried. It had an apostrophe in
the title, which makes a very URL link. I just removed the possessive:


I also did some quick research and found that there isn't much information
about VHOST or where it appears in the WordPressMU documentation, etc. I
added some references, but we need more.

Key questions:

1. Where is the VHOST constant stored in WordPressMU?
2. Where does the if/else conditional statement go? In the wp-config? In the
Plugin? If a user decides to change from subdomains to subdirectories and
they need help, where are they going to look to make the change?
3. I added "WordPress Plugin and Theme functions" to the list of applicable
uses, but is that true? So many new WordPress Themes are taking on Plugin
4. Will this change when MU and "org" merge? Will it be an automatic switch?
5. Any other references that should be added?

It's important to remember that there will be people looking at this
document starting their first MU project, and others who've had it for a
while or had it set up by others, and they don't understand the next step if
they want to make a change. We have to address all their needs.

I'm sure there are more questions, but that's a start. Next? :D

Thanks again for the hard work. This kind of information is critical and
helpful and we really appreciate it.

And it's okay to be a rough draft for a few days. Since the guidelines for
writing drafts only in the username space has been ignored for a while, this
works, too. :D Thanks for letting us know and great work.

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