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Wow, super comprehensive reply. :-D

Please see responses inline below.

On Tue, Aug 4, 2009 at 9:56 PM, Lorelle VanFossen <lorellevan at gmail.com>wrote:

> Well, it's good to see several people jumping on a new document at once. :D
> I've deleted the article - whoa! Don't be worried. It had an apostrophe in
> the title, which makes a very URL link. I just removed the possessive:
> http://codex.wordpress.org/WPMU_VHOST_Constant

Great, I'll update the link from my personal page, that should be the only
link to it. :)

> I also did some quick research and found that there isn't much information
> about VHOST or where it appears in the WordPressMU documentation, etc. I
> added some references, but we need more.

Yes, I found that when looking for info on it! I'm scanning a lot of doc's
at the moment, so will add references in future when I see some relevance.

> Key questions:

> 1. Where is the VHOST constant stored in WordPressMU?

I'm pretty sure it's stored in the wp-config file, but will check and
include it in the page.

> 2. Where does the if/else conditional statement go? In the wp-config? In
> the Plugin? If a user decides to change from subdomains to subdirectories
> and they need help, where are they going to look to make the change?

Nice to get a fresh view, the things you don't think of when writing a page
at 3am haha!

The example is for a plugin, I'll include that now.

It's not possible to change from subdomains to subdirectories or vice versa,
so it's undocumented. :)

3. I added "WordPress Plugin and Theme functions" to the list of applicable
> uses, but is that true? So many new WordPress Themes are taking on Plugin
> functionality.

I don't think it is true... I'll check and update accordingly though.

Are WPMU plugin specific pages included in the "WordPress Plugin" category?
I wanted to steer clear of anything not WPMU because it's a very MU specific

> 4. Will this change when MU and "org" merge? Will it be an automatic
> switch?

Again, not sure, but I'll find out.

> 5. Any other references that should be added?

> It's important to remember that there will be people looking at this
> document starting their first MU project, and others who've had it for a
> while or had it set up by others, and they don't understand the next step if
> they want to make a change. We have to address all their needs.

Very true about different readers, thanks for the advice. :)

When you say next step, do you mean to change the install configuration?
Meaning, change the value of the VHOST constant. As touched on above, this
isn't possible yet so I will include that fact on the page.

> I'm sure there are more questions, but that's a start. Next? :D
> Thanks again for the hard work. This kind of information is critical and
> helpful and we really appreciate it.

Yes, it is critical. I've learnt so much from the codex. :)

> And it's okay to be a rough draft for a few days. Since the guidelines for
> writing drafts only in the username space has been ignored for a while, this
> works, too. :D Thanks for letting us know and great work.

Thanks. :-D

> Lorelle
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