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#7642: Nouveau: re-factor bp_nouveau_signup_form() bp field error messages
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 Priority:  normal                  |   Milestone:  3.0
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Comment (by hnla):

 @DJPaul Cool, we'll go with your changes, the $class variable
 concatenation wasn't mine, if that reads better now good stuff.

 I don't agree necessarily with removing the comment I added as to why I
 had stated the empty $class at top of loop, it didn't need to be and
 shouldn't be perceived falsely as defining the var but as essential to the
 actual correct processing. If we follow this notion then telling me that
 `'private' ! == $value` is to not display something is stating the bloody
 obvious and also should be removed :) But hey ho I despair in general at
 what programmers nowadays consider passes for explanatory comments, we're
 all mind readers I guess!

 Agree with the @todo it won't get done, I've addressed an issue, going
 further than that at this stage not about to happen. As to tracker or
 inline it's a debate  recently on dev.to iirc and split on inline, meaning
 it's always locked to function,  and line number drifting when referenced
 from a ticket.

 Thanks for the changes @DJPaul I'll commit your patch in a while and close
 this out.

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