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#5644: Activity Favorites: alternative management & new features
 Reporter:  imath                  |       Owner:
     Type:  enhancement            |      Status:  new
 Priority:  normal                 |   Milestone:  2.1
Component:  Activity               |     Version:  2.0
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Comment (by imath):

 First, thank you all for your great comments. I'm sorry for my late reply,
 i've needed to put my brain together ;)

 I understand your concerns about the potential ambiguity between
 "favorite" and "like". In France favorite == "préférée, c'est à dire celle
 qu'on aime le plus" => the one we like the most. So maybe it's the reason
 i don't have the same concern. And BuddyPress is using "favorite" not
 "bookmark".. So to me it's really close to "Like" but the advantage is
 that the term is not the Facebook one..

 That said, when i've built this patch my first concern was to find a way
 to "highlight" the activity a new user should check when discovering his
 BuddyPress powered community. My mistake in the description of this ticket
 was to put it at the 3rd place.

 I use BuddyPress in a corporate world and for "workmates" they need to
 easily find what are the updates to check to go straight to what's
 interesting. There's a lot of thing into the activity stream, so i thought
 having a way to filter it to only get the activity members marked as
 "préférées" would help them to engage and make contacts with other mates.
 ''Because there's a good chance that if my co-worker found something
 interesting, i would also find it interesting.''

 as JJJ said, we could create a "like" activity_type and leave favorite the
 way it is:
 - the content would be an action saying "imath liked JJJ's update" with a
 link to parent activity to discover the content liked
 - the only little annoying thing (blame me!) would be that activity
 heartbeat will load this new activity on top of activity stream..
 - i guess people would want to have a counter on the parent activity to
 see how much the activity was liked and as boonebgorges said to know who
 liked the activity
 - filtering 'activity_likes' type would list "mini" activities

 Of course we could replace what i've done for Favorites in favor of Likes,
 this would probably introduce a new template in member's profile page..

 i think i really "like" boonebgorges option 2 : if i understand well it
 would require to build some options or filters to let the admin customize
 the "favorite" term/slugs... but most important will let them choose the
 behavior they want between Like or Bookmark

 I think the show_hidden is respected in my patch as i don't list
 user_favorites in the stream but attach them to the parent activity, just
 like comments. So i think privacy is not altered.

 I agree with what we've talked about in dev chat. If we are to create a
 table it should be an "interactions" table so that we could eventually use
 it for other stuff such as mentions, "favorite".. and maybe plugins could
 add some more interactions type... And maybe it could be interesting to
 have in members profile page an interaction subnav using the drop down
 filter to list the mentions or the favorites or likes... (instead of the
 mentions & favorites subnav)

 Finally i'm not a fan of the term "Like", reminds me too much a social

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