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#5644: Activity Favorites: alternative management & new features
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 I think the word "Favorite" is a big part of the problem. It's ambiguous
 between "bookmarks" and "likes".

 While I personally kinda like the ambiguity of the feature (I think it's
 part of what makes the feature interesting on Twitter as well) I can see
 the argument for making it clearer in BuddyPress.

 If we're going to try to sharpen the focus of the feature's UX, we should
 keep a couple things in mind:

 1. There are already many sites using Favorites, and we don't want to
 introduce changes that would alter that experience in harmful ways. For
 example: displaying a list of those users who have favorited an item
 within the context of the activity stream may cause some discord for users
 who have been using Favorites for a semi-private bookmarking system. So we
 should consider these kinds of changes carefully.

 2. There are certain kinds of communities that will want to use something
 like Likes, and certain communities that will want to use something like
 Bookmarks. If we're going to push Favoriting in one of these two
 directions, we should try to pick the direction based on what will best
 serve the largest possible percentage of BP installations. Alternatively
 (or in addition), when choosing which direction to push Favorites, we
 might think about building a maximal feature set that can be pared down,
 rather than the other way around. For instance, a Like feature would
 probably show a list of users who have liked within the activity stream,
 while a Bookmark feature would not. In this case, we may want to build
 this feature in by default, and then make it easy to shut it off.
 Likewise: it makes sense for there to be a public user tab "Likes", but
 maybe not a public "Bookmark" tab; so it make make sense to build the
 feature and make it easy to turn off. I guess what I'm saying is that
 maybe it makes sense to err on the side of Like, and then build in the
 necessary filters to allow site admins to turn it more into private
 bookmarks if they'd prefer.

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