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#3364: Alignment in profile stream
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 When avatars are uploaded, BP uses the avatar constants to help build the
 jQuery cropper, and then to store separate -bpfull and -bpthumb version of
 the avatar. So while the avatars may be a bit odd, and perhaps
 unnecessary, for avatar *display*, they are necessary for avatar

 Your addition of 'tiny' constants makes the code more readable, and it
 provides a nice shorthand for the tiny avatar 'type', but it does not have
 its own dedicated -bptiny avatar file. My impression is that it doesn't
 really need one, since the size difference between tiny and thumb is
 pretty insignificant for the purposes of resizing and data payload. Second
 question: if we decide not to have a separate -bptiny avatar stored, do we
 mind that there is now an asymmetry between the 'full' and 'thumb' avatar
 types and the 'tiny' type? (I don't think it's really problematic, but it
 should probably be recognized.)

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