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#3364: Alignment in profile stream
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Comment (by DJPaul):

 Please see my first go at this; 3364-1.patch.

 My understanding is that BP has 3 avatar sizes; (big) profile avatar, and
 both a thumbnail-size and a smaller activity stream avatar. BuddyPress has
 had constants for BP_AVATAR_THUMB_HEIGHT (50px) and BP_AVATAR_FULL_HEIGHT
 (150px) (width versions too, of course) for a long time. DTheme's CSS has
 also had hard-coded values for alot of avatars throughout, making these
 constants pretty rubbish.

 I think we need to keep the constants for backpat. Therefore, I've taken
 out any avatar-related CSS width and height. I've added a new "tiny" size
 (small activity stream) version, and put some logic into
 bp_get_activity_avatar() appropriately.

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