[wp-testers] Migrating 2.01 to 2.1

David Chartier dcharti at gmail.com
Sat Sep 30 20:50:04 GMT 2006

Well I just ran into the first quirk I guess: the upgrade to last night's
SVN went well (I grabbed it this afternoon), and though I'm using a custom
theme, everything seems to look fine. I've poked around in the Dashboard and
that all seems to work fine as well, and the database upgrade went without a

However, I can't post anything. When I chose to save a post in progress or
actually publish it, I'm taken to a page with a dialog that appears to be
from WP 1.5 asking if I:

-- want to edit post "" --

With two quotation marks like that, but they're empty. Yes and No are my
only options, and clicking Yes takes me back to a new blank Post page, with
a notice that my old post was saved, but it doesn't exist. It isn't saved in
the Manage panel, not even as a draft, and it doesn't appear on the live


Any thoughts? And again, if this is newbie stuff y'all can't be bothered
with right now (it's an alpha after all), I'd completely understand.

Thanks either way
David Chartier
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On 9/26/06, Joefish <joe at feastofcrumbs.com> wrote:

You can either download a nightly build here:
> http://static.wordpress.org/builds/
> or you can use svn to download an up-to-the minute copy. A brief into
> on using svn can be found here: http://wordpress.org/download/svn/
> I'm using Tortoise SVN. http://tortoisesvn.tigris.org/
> Your contributions to the group will probably be more valuable if you
> can use svn. A lot of the discussion here will reference specific
> revisions that won't be clear to you if you're using the nightly
> builds.
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