[wp-testers] Migrating 2.01 to 2.1

Peter Westwood peter.westwood at ftwr.co.uk
Sat Sep 30 21:17:43 GMT 2006

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David Chartier wrote:
> Well I just ran into the first quirk I guess: the upgrade to last night's
> SVN went well (I grabbed it this afternoon), and though I'm using a custom
> theme, everything seems to look fine. I've poked around in the Dashboard
> and
> that all seems to work fine as well, and the database upgrade went
> without a
> hitch.
> However, I can't post anything. When I chose to save a post in progress or
> actually publish it, I'm taken to a page with a dialog that appears to be
> from WP 1.5 asking if I:
> -- want to edit post "" --
> With two quotation marks like that, but they're empty. Yes and No are my
> only options, and clicking Yes takes me back to a new blank Post page, with
> a notice that my old post was saved, but it doesn't exist. It isn't
> saved in
> the Manage panel, not even as a draft, and it doesn't appear on the live
> blog:
> http://dcharti.com/blog/
> Any thoughts? And again, if this is newbie stuff y'all can't be bothered
> with right now (it's an alpha after all), I'd completely understand.
> Thanks either way

That sounds like a nonce AYS dialog to me.

It sounds like the nonce check is failing so you are getting the AYS
question but the information is not filled in correctly.

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