[wp-testers] categories and blogroll and posts 2.1

david hodgkins hodgkins at gmail.com
Wed Sep 13 16:31:18 GMT 2006

Back in August Andy Stains wrote:

"Can anyone tell me how, now that categories and link categories are
merged into a single table, the 'links only' categories can be hidden
from the drop down on the Write Post page? If you want to keep them
separate like I suspect many users do, this is unwanted clutter and
confusion. Are the new 'posts_private' and 'links_private' fields
going to do this at some point?"

I haven't seen this addressed.  (My last download was sept. 6).

Having the two categories together isn't ideal.  The create post
page's selection is going to be long, and the  category sidebar list

But I can see the benefit of having  all the categories together on
the create post page. (If I understand how it works.)  I post about a
new website in the blog and add the link into the blogroll.

Maybe something like this would work: Have two seperate selection
fields in write posts, one for each type of category.  That way one
can be collapsed.  Or put them together, but seperate them, blogs on
top, links below.

And definately a template tag to exclude links from lists and such.


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