[wp-testers] categories and blogroll and posts 2.1

Ryan Boren ryan at boren.nu
Wed Sep 13 17:26:36 GMT 2006

david hodgkins wrote:
> Having the two categories together isn't ideal.  The create post
> page's selection is going to be long, and the  category sidebar list
> long.

The category list in the sidebar only shows categories assigned to 
posts, by default.  If template authors have chosen not to hide empty 
categories, all cats will be shown.

The cat list on the create post page is already stupid long for many 
people, regardless of the presence of link cats.  We need to decide what 
to do there.  I'd prefer to not even have a list, but that's just me.

> But I can see the benefit of having  all the categories together on
> the create post page. (If I understand how it works.)  I post about a
> new website in the blog and add the link into the blogroll.
> Maybe something like this would work: Have two seperate selection
> fields in write posts, one for each type of category.  That way one
> can be collapsed.  Or put them together, but seperate them, blogs on
> top, links below.

The write page is already too cluttered.  Putting "add to blogroll" 
functionality on that page will just make the clutter worse.

> And definately a template tag to exclude links from lists and such.

All category API allows excluding cats that have either no links or no 

As for the write post page, we can show only cats that are already 
assigned to posts.  In that setup, you would type in the name of the cat 
in the "Add" bar to assign the post to a cat not in the list.  However, 
if Javascript is disabled, the "Add" box is not present.  This makes it 
impossible for someone to assign a brand new cat to a post.  Perhaps if 
JS is disabled we can show the entire list.

By the way, how many folks use Manage->Categories?  What actions do you 
perform with it?  I personally could remove Manage->Categories entirely 
and never miss it.


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